Welcome to BioThrust!

Next generation aeration of bioreactors.

Our solutions

Spinning for winning!

Due to our unique gas suppling drive, we can spin our installations and exchange process gasses. For an unrivaled gas supply of your process.

The Mission

The revolution in aeration!

Challenges of the conventional aeration hinder processes to reach their economic potential:

  • Disruptive shear forces / cell-stress
  • Foam formation/ „foaming out“
  • Probes and sensor interference
  • Inefficient gas usage

The Technology

Insane in the membrane!

Membrane aeration with our membrane stirring modules:

  • Mild stirring conditions – perfect for cell-culture
  • No foam due to diffusive gas transfer via the membrane - use all the volume in your reactor & enjoy the easy downstreaming
  • Flow optimized geometry for perfect mixing w/o death-zones

The Technology

Porous printed parts!

For processes that are well-adapted to bubble aeration, we have our tailor-made aeration or filtration solutions. Solutions, that will significantly boost your gas transfer.

Proudly supported through:

The Thrusters

Interdisciplinary competence by:

Patrick Bongartz, Biotechnologist & Inventor

Moritz Meyer, Mechanical Engineer & Product developer

Konstantin Kurz, Business economist & Customer relations